Animal Communication – Part 1

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Many people have heard the term “animal communicator”. Some understand the meaning while others do not.  My goal is to help explain what animal communication is and how it may benefit your beloved four-legged friend.
Several writers have interviewed me. They all asked the same question: When did you first realize you could communicate with animals? There is a picture of me placing my hand on the top of the head of my great-grandfather’s Collie when I was two years old. I sensed that his head hurt. I grew up with several Beagles that my dad used for hunting rabbits. Spending time with them was my preferred activity. If one of them did not feel well, I felt the discomfort in my body. Some people take classes to learn how to communicate with animals. I did not. Knowing what animals need is natural for me.
My approach to helping pets is by tuning in to their subtle energy field. All living things are composed of energy. In the next article, I will share with you my journey of learning about energy fields in humans and in animals.

Barb Borkowski is owner of The Healing Journey in Ohio, USA. She is an animal communicator and energy therapist. Barb’s healing work with animals was featured on Fox 8 News in Cleveland, Ohio. She was also a guest on the Robin Swoboda Show, a morning TV show, in Cleveland. Barb’s educational background includes energy therapy, massage therapy and nursing.

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