Case Study of Sara with The Pet Communicator Barb Borkowski

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I have a life long interest in energy healing.  Energy healing and animal communication are fascinating so when Barb and I met I definitely wanted her input on our mare Sara.

Barb was very willing and asked for a recent photo, I send the following video clip and photo to her.

My mare’s name is “Simply Sara”. 

Here she is earlier this summer

This is Barb's response.....

Hi Bonnie,
When I look at the picture of Sara, the following comes to mind:
Sara does not realize how big she is. As funny as it may sound, she thinks she is a dog! While viewing the video of Sara, that really got my attention. To me, she shows some canine mannerisms.
My attention is drawn to the area where Sara's liver is. There is energy congestion there. My impression is that her liver is slightly smaller than the average for her size.  With that, it feels like her liver is working hard to rid the body of toxins. I suggest checking into alfalfa for its liver cleansing properties. (Please consult a veterinarian! I am not an expert on animals, just the messenger).
Sara is extra sensitive to electromagnetic fields. Being close to power lines and electrical appliances causes a nervous, jittery sensation in her abdomen.
A feeling of sadness surrounds Sara's forehead.  "My owner thinks too much and doesn't follow her heart.
Sometimes Sara's left front lower leg has tenderness. Her right hip gets stiff with slight soreness, especially when it rains.
Sara desires for you to "follow your heart". You deserve happiness after all you've been through.
I hope this helps you, Bonnie. If you have questions, please let me know.

Barb and I will be working together with Sara, check back for regular updates.


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